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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Project 365: October 4th through October 10th

October 4th: My first day of fall. I got to wear the beautiful scarf Jen bought me as a present.

October 5th: Christina's Halloween display.

October 6th: Oregon Partnership's new building where I work on the hotline.

October 7th: I found Herbie the love bug while grocery shopping! Our car felt so honored to park next to it.

October 8th: We brought steaks, salad and zucchini to Jen and Richard. Poor Jen spent several hours at the ER being turned into a pin cushion since the nurses blew out her veins in numberous places trying to run an IV on her. The poor dear REALLY needed the iron...

October 9th: Apple tasting at the Portland Nursery with Jen, Julie and Brent.

October 10th: My "loot" from the Portland Halloween Bazaar: Bat Nip toys from Gothic Beagle, a bat ornament, a little skull cell phone charm and a pin head animation.

October 10th: Fall = Hats!

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