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Monday, October 25, 2010

Project 365: October 18th through October 24th

October 18th: Dinner with Lisa Marie and Aaron at her place. This is the "holiday house" as she calls it right down the street from Lisa Marie's where these people decorate an insane amount even for Flag Day. I personally am partial to their Halloween decor!

October 19th: Decorating for Dias de los Muertos...

October 19th: Jen did an amazing job to my bathroom for Dias de los Muertos decorating!

October 20th: My work's building I may loathe but I adore the amazing tree collection we have on the grounds and always look forward to autumn when they put on their best display.

October 21st: Movie night at Melissa and Mathias' home and their fantastic bathroom tampon artwork.

October 22nd: Fright Town with Heidi and Jen which was an amazing amount of fun. This is Ira's beautiful baby he had been working hard for years on.

October 23rd: Our annual tradional Pumpkin Patch outing with Patrick, Christina, Jaxon, Scott, Jen, and Spencer.

October 24th: Pumpkin carving party at our place and the best pumpkins ever! These were the ones Scott and Jen did.

October 24th: Patrick's perfect traditional pumpkin. It is almost creepy because it is so cute and because Patrick made it.

October 24th: Selona's elephant man pumpkin which was probably the winner of the day!


  1. Addie painted the OB bomber painting. Love it.

  2. That is Addie's work?? Fantastic!