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Friday, October 15, 2010

October Garden Update

And the leaves are now falling and changing color...but our backyard is still going strong with its roses and borage. I have been busy trying to harvest my herbs and flowers before they are all gone. This time of the year is always intense for that reason. I dry my herbs and give them out as gifts each year for Yule so harvesting everything is very important to me.

The baby chicks are doing great. Here is Edwina, the Rhode Island Red...

And here is Delilah the Dark Brauma. We have been letting them out in the yard lately to graze with Catalina and Bernadette which they thoroughly enjoy. hey are also HUGE tomato fans. So far I think that is their favorite thing.

I was able to get some daffodil and tulip bulbs planted. My bulber was my moms as are several of my most used gardening tools conecting her further to my yard and giving me constant and welcome reminders of me an her gardening together when I was a child. I was excited finding some pretty pink daffodils and the black tulips will make me so happy - here is to hoping the squirrels leave my bulbs alone this year. I have noticed they tend to not mess with things as much since I inherited a squirrel feeder from a friend. I also inherited a large bag of peanuts from another friend so I plan to keep that feeder well stocked!

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