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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Year of the Statuary

Today let us discuss my garden which brings me a great deal of pride and joy.

My front yard really does have a great lawn. Eventually the plan is to remove alot of the lawn and continue the English style gardening there as well. These were taken several months ago when my garden was just waking up and coming back to life.

I call this the year of the statuary because that is what I desire and have been adding to all my different garden areas. Each item is carefully selected and means alot to me. I love copper such as this hummingbird feeder. My mother had this gorgeous vase with a wrought iron holder for it. The vase was broken by my playfull kittens so I repurposed it into holding a garden globe to add the perfect addition to my ivy.

And, let us have a little competition. Who can tell me the name of my favorite sun garden plant which is now about four years old. It grows very aggressively early spring and is currently in its prime. Anyone?? Anyone??

Our pond that was just put in last year before our wedding.

My new white imperial currant in my sun garden.

My new dragonfly garden stake that glows with my spearmint and grape vines.

My shade garden...wait until you see the recent pictures which I will share in the next few days.

I love this time of year when our maple tree is so full of life and leaves. It also means even more privacy in our yard since that is the one area where neighbors can see in but only during the winter when all the leaves fall off.

Our outbuilding and our part shade garden...

The shade garden...

Our outbuilding from the sun garden...

Why oh why are some of the best plants annuals. The pond has a water lily, a mini cattail, water hyacinths and duckweed in addition to this lovely annual. This year I plan to add a lotus tuber which I am very excited about since most of the plant is delicious.

And this Fleur de Lis was gifted to me by one of my closest friends Jen from one of my favorite stores: The Backyard Bird Shop though technically she said she was giving it to my yard since she spends so much time in it.

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