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Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't Be a Chicken! Get Organized :)

Today let us discuss organization...because, as any of my friends can tell you I am a card carrying member of OCD Anonymous only it is hard to be anonymous when I randomly flip out and start doing people's dishes at parties. I prefer to think of it more as "chaos challenged" myself but either way, I adore places like Ikea a little too much for a few reasons. The primary reason being that they have TONS of organizational options for those people like myself who cannot get enough. I swear I get new hobbies only so that I can conceptualize ways to organize them as pathetic as that might sound. To me when Martha Stewart starts talking about ribbon sorters and paper organizers I get all worked up and flustered. Before you start suggested therapists for me, I will at least share my latest in organizational feats: The Kitchen Pantry...dum dum duuuuuuum...

Next, I will mention a current project I am helping out with...getting chickens leagal in the city of Beaverton, Oregon. Here are a few pictures from the first ever Beaverton town hall and we were happy to report that only one person showed up who was anti chicken! We were thrilled and amazed at that especially since the room was very full! And here is a mascot of ours Grace, aka Squidgy and one of her awesome moms - Tracey. Her other awesome mom Lannie made these fantastic Bright Green Beaverton chicken signs with feathers :)

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