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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The State of Things

I can hardly wait until I get the funds to finish all of my pathways. They will have a few large flagstones with riverrock and small stepable plants growing up against them.

I started this Ameria maritima ‘Duesseldorf Pride’ under our grape arbor and I just love it. This is the first year where it has really come into its own. Behind it is my oregano which has just gone insane this year.

My delphinium is doing lovely now that it finally decided to grace us with blooms.

Yellow pansies and varigated ground ivy.

Speedwell and Morrocan Mint

Avalanche Sandwort in the front and St John's Wart in the back.

Hostas, Ferns and Hydrangea with a small creeping fuchia.

The edge of the new shade garden where I have started what will eventually be a glorious Jasmine and Calle Lilly garden extraveganza.

The state of things...nasturtium seedlings and red sunflower seedlings.

My blue star creeper is not just creeping but also blooming.

Bernadette and Catalina doing what they do best- bug hunting.

The new sun garden.

My victory shade garden.

Shade Garden with the cedar trees.

My ivy garden.

The bachelor buttons and calendula have started taking over.

Pineapple mint - a new favorite.

My girls...

My mini cattails are looking lovely.

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