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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365: January 3rd through January 9th

January 3rd: Vacation day one...Yuki likes to watch the neighborhood so she does not miss anything.

January 4th: Downtown for Heidi's birthday lunch at Todai.

January 4th: Karaoke at Scandals with Heidi for her birthday

January 5th: Karaoke at Boxxes with Heidi, her cousin and Kyle.

January 6th: Karaoke at Hamburger Mary's with Heidi.

January 7th: Mexican food at Lupe's Escape with Jen and her mom to exchange Christmas gifts and also get wonderful presents from her mom from her travels through Italy, France, Turkey, and Egypt.

January 8th: Escargot yum. At Chez Machin for Heidi's birthday party

January 9th: Glasses and wine stoppers hand made in Italy which Jen's mom brought back for us.

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