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Friday, January 28, 2011

Cats Versus Chickens

I have been meaning to share this wonderful picture my friend Jen took with her camera phone illustrating an average day in my household. Our youngest two cats looooove the chickens and stalking them. The chickens come to the back door a lot asking for yogurt, seeds or treats in general which gives the cats an opportunity to jump at the window and play. The chickens have gotten a bit more used to it and know the cats cannot get to them but they do jump when Macha (cat in Croatian - she is a Norwegian Forest Cat) or Yuki (snow in Japanese - she is a Rex) jump at the window like they were thrown at it. Our chickens pictured are Delilah (dark Brauma), Bernadette and Catalina (who were both black Australorps though Catalina passed away tragically on New Years Eve).

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