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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365: January 24th through January 30th

January 24th: I got the gorgeous print Jen bought me at the Halloween Bazaar back from the framer who did an amazing job with it. It looks stunning with my favorite print that Roger gave me for my birthday a few years ago. I love having real artwork from gifted local artists throughout my home. This photo shows off the gorgeous paint job Patrick and Michael did on our bedroom too - Ralph Lauren paint - the ceiling is Metallic Pewter and the walls are the Cambridge Collection in a dark plum.

January 25th: I noticed this is another department at my work and had to laugh hysterically because when I hear the phrase "You Make Me Wanna Shout" I would not be thinking good I thought it an interesting take on the kudos or, dare I say "Warm Fuzzies" A lot of departments are trying different new ways to thank each other since we were successful getting Mylar balloons (which are Satan to the environment) banned from our building.

January 26th: I stay late at work...well, a imagine my surprise to coming outside and seeing this gorgeous sky while waiting for my short bus ride to the Max. The sky was blue, birds were singing and it felt like Spring outside - it really was a bit shocking to say the least. It also made me really long for the summer time and to start working on my yard.

January 27th: Driving home late night... I dropped by Ms Jessica's house to hang out for a bit and give her a homework break after my shift at the hot line. I took a record number of calls in a shift and several were actual interventions so unwinding with a friend was just the mental break I needed...followed by a peaceful drive home through the Pearl.

January 28th: Sitting in wait at Kaiser Dental for my appointment. I must say this office is uber new and fancy. My new dentist and his assistant are super nice too. I am in love with them which is good since I have a lot to get caught up on.

January 29th: Third Eye Theater presents Porn Shop!!! Here is Jen holding up one of the programs while we wait for the start - you can see part of the set. Funniest play seriously! It is playing until February 12th so get out there and support the arts seriously!!!

January 30th: My keyring... So, my actual keys are very few - I have a key to my home, my mailbox, my MG and Patrick's car. Well, several of my friends have given me keys to their homes since they live close by and if an emergency happens or whatnot they want someone they trust to be able to either get them a spare key or get into their houses etc. Jen got me a Ninja to identify my house key a few years back and now her and Jenna gave me ones to identify their keys since my key ring actually has A LOT of friend's house keys. So Jenna's is a glow skull and Jen got me what she describes as me in my glasses as Hello Kitty :) And yes, the Friends of Trees is doing a planting right down the street from me which is awesome since I just got them as a vendor for the Eco Fair I am hosting at my work too!

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