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Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 365: January 10th through January 16th

January 10th: Dinner at Monteaux's Public House.

January 11th: Dinner at Lupe's Escape

January 12th: An awesome van that was in the parking lot at the hotline.

January 13th: I am working slowing through this book.

January 14th: Working on putting Christmas away for the year an ornament at a time. This is one layer of unique ornaments different friends have given us. The pirate flag, devil head and taco were from Grant and Shannon. The Dias de los Muertos ornaments are from Rob and John. The pirate ship and prism are ornaments I bought Patrick and the bat was one I bought myself. The pirate nutcracker Jen gave to Patrick this year for Christmas and the seashell was from Patrick's aunt and uncle's trip to Hawaii.

January 15th: Oni showing off why she is such a pudgy kitty.

January 16th: Yuki and Macha who were curious about the brocade duct tape Jen gave me which rules.

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