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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project 365: September 19th through September 25th

September 19th: This guy came running across the floor at me..showing his giant teeth...trying to eat me...until my daring husband dispatched his ass..

September 20th: Apparently the chickens think the black plant containers mean take they ate the new pansies and violas before I could even plant them in my clay pots.

September 21st: A perfect red rose in my garden.

September 22nd: Gabriel claims gay cat loooooooves gentlemen callers.

September 22nd: We have the honor of sharing our wedding anniversary with Brandy and Scott. We had a mini (although celebration (I cannot believe a year has passed already!) for a group of us throwing them a surprise wedding where Heidi officiated to go along with their signing. The night with Scott, Brandy, Heidi and Rob ruled! We drank a bottle of Frizzante (which is like the best thing EVER to be put into a wineglass) bought at the wedding site (Willamette Valley Vineyards) and ate pieces from the top of their amazing wedding cake made by Missy.

September 23rd: Me and Jen went to the Beaverton Library to watch my awesome neighbor Paul star in a super funny play titled Three Murders and Its Only Monday! See it if you can - I laughed my ass off!

September 24th: Jason and Kelly rule for sending the best care package ever...

So, we stored it in the freezer and did as we were, it rests under the beer steins, next to the hash browns an above the leftover from scratch made red beans and rice...

September 25th: Rob and Delilah hanging out during our BBQ. Notice the gorgeous blue skys - perfect day for BBQ and croquet - it rocked.

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