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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Project 365: April 18th through April 24th

April 18th: Yuki thinks she is a naked mole rat and likes to burrow into blankets, clothing...whatever really...

April 19th: Finials with battered metal spray paint. Patrick and I making hose guides for our garden to use as examples for one of my booths for the Eco Fair. These finials were purchased for $1.10 on clearance at Home Depot which Patrick mounted to copper pipes.

April 20th: I stayed up all night finishing my posters for the Eco Fair. I used poster boards and colored construction paper for them watching movies and cutting out the letters. I made the letters from a Broadway Font printout at work.

April 21st: The Eco Fair itself. This is a photo at one of my personal booth creations. I did a booth about seedlings and reusing materials in your garden. So, half the booth had planted seedlings I created - like a dozen seedlings planted in egg shells from my chickens and some other alternatives to peat moss like fiber pots made of 100% recycled paper, and bamboo pots. The other piece of the booth was some DIY project instructions which were very popular on how to make your own hose guides (with mine as an example), how to make bird nesting kits and also how to make herb gifts out of things like ice cream containers etc

April 22nd: The state of things in my yard...this cherub my mother gave me many years ago for Christmas saying someday I would get to put it in my garden. I wish she could see how beautiful my garden is now...but at least a part of her will always be there.

April 23rd: Hanging with the girls and husband. Good Mel in town for the weekend so me, her, Jen and Patrick had a lovely evening with games and yummy stuff like chocolate fondue made from the leftover chocolate from the Eco Fair.

April 24th: Patrick made me and Mel an amazing breakfast with bacon, toast and this yummy bake that has cheese, bacon, eggs, hash browns, broccoli, onion, and red bell pepper.

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