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Monday, November 7, 2011

Project 365: October 31st through November 6th

October 31st: I was amazed that on Halloween I discovered a new nasturtium bloom. Apparently my garden still thinks it is summer.

November 1st: The Sauve Island Bridge - Jenna Guziak and I went to the Pumpkin Patch to stock up on clearance produce as the farms prepare to shut down for the winter. $20 filled the back of the SUV!

November 2nd: And then the rain starts....and the chickens stay dry under the house eves as you can clearly see the dry section versus the wet here. You can also see that the gate is still the chain link since we have not gotten enough dry days in a row to do the concrete and post hole. So the gap is sealed with scrap wood and duct tape...classy, I know....

November 3rd: Dias de los Muertos gathering at our house. For the occasion I made red beans and rice from a recipe I got many years ago from a Cajun coworker. We also made corn bread with corn kernels and peppers. The beans were completely gone in a very short amount of time.

November 4th: Heading into SE I see a lovely bumper sticker to counter the slogan "Keep Portland Weird" lol...

November 4th: Launch Pad Gallery for Travis Wade's opening.

Mikhail Hamilton
November 4th: The artist himself...

November 4th: My beautiful friends Melissa and Travis... Isn't her coat divine??!!

November 5th: My friend Caren had a party for everyone to judge the five different pickling recipes she and her husband tested out this year. Though the jar closest to me in the photo were her garlic dills....those were simply amazing!

November 5th: After getting our fill on amazing food at Caren and Tom's, me and Jenna headed to party number 2 at Amanda and Christin's house. As you can see, backup had already been called.

November 5th: I always adore the jet engine of a outdoor heater designed and made by Christin. It runs on diesel and keeps a good sized area VERY warm. I was super grateful for great seating since at this point my broken toe was realizing I had stuffed it into high heels.

November 6th: CLAWS! I always know when the summer months have left since the second I stop wearing gardening gloves my nails shoot out! They are always long but at this length I would stab right through the fingertips of my gloves!

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