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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Project 365: October 17th through October 23rd

October 17th: Macha tests out the new candy dish getting into the spirit of Halloween.

October 18th: Fingers crossed! My cucumber needs to get just a touch bigger and I can harvest it. If that happens than I technically will have had a vegetable garden since I also was able to harvest tomatoes from the new front garden!

October 19th: Purple clematis

October 20th: SICK! Why oh why do they insist on making flu meds so difficult to get into - I mean cruel are drug companies??!! I had to use the sword on my keychain to get it open.

October 21st: Decorating for Dias de los Muertos.

October 22nd: Cleaning pumpkin seeds for roasting for the pumpkin carving party.

October 23rd: Pumpkin carving all complete.