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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Project 365: October 10th through October 20th

October 10th: Francesca and Ginger taking a coffee break...

October 11th: SEEDS! I spent the day, well, not the whole day, organizing my seeds so that in the early Spring I am all ready to plant them immediately.

October 12th: Little fella... So, Beth Adams and I went to Farmington Gardens together plant shopping and she bought this gorgeous and huge wall planter filled with succulents. This little fella broke off one of her plants in the car so she smiled and stuck him in one of my pots insisting I plant him. Well, he has doubled in size :)

October 13th: These stickers in the American Red Cross bus always freak me out a touch.

October 13th: A sort of self portrait. The joke was one of the vampires helping me was a former Marine Sergent so one of her co workers on the bus stocked them full of Navy footballs to piss her off.

October 14th: Leftovers from my lunch with Katy - scallops, lobster tail and some crab...

October 15th: The apple festival at Portland Nursery with Patrick Ireland. There were over fifty varieties of apples and a pile of pears as well.

October 16th: I made canned apple pie filling so we can have amazing apple pies for Thanksgiving and Yule.

October 16th: Pumpkin Patch at Sauvie Island with Spencer, Christina, Patrick, Jennifer and Scott.

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