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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crafting Project: Autumn Wreath

I saw this wreath for $70 at William Sonoma that Patrick and I fell in love with but we were not fans of the huge price tag so I decided to recreate it.

I got all the supplies from Michael's Crafts to try and copy the wreath.

I bought pumpkins that were not orange and glittered since the ones they had were super tacky looking.

I chose to paint them myself. And the pumpkin orange acrylic is a joke so I used 1 part burnt sienna to 2 parts papaya orange. I let them dry before using wooden skewers cut in half poked in and glued so I could easily put them in the wreath. I then mixed a slightly darker orange, brushed them with that and dusted half with marigold sugar fine glitter and the other half with apricot sugar fine glitter. The finishing touch was painting the stems with a walnut colored acrylic paint.

I was only able to get sitting crows and I wanted one sitting and one spread winged. Luckily my black astralorp chicken Bernaette just molted losing her whole tale so I made wings with her feathers and a hot glue gun and that is all - I bent the feathers for shaping and layered the feathers to cover the glue.

Adding the leaves to the wreath.

Here is the finished wreath at half the cost and, if I do say so myself - far more attractive.

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