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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some closeups...

BEES! Our newfound daisie collection has been attracting many bees to our yard! Polinate my little friends! Polinate!

A red and black False Blister Beetle crawling on my Arizona Grandiflora rose.

I adore all of my roses but I just know my mother would have really loved this one which is a Fragrant Lavender Simplicity hedge rose. This thing blooms like crazy...seriously...

Buttercups - I "acquired" some wild buttercup starts last year at a vacation home we stayed at for my birthday which are now spreading beautifully in our cedar driven shade garden. I love the bright color amoungst the green and browns!

My purple clematis...this thing really impressed me this year with its blooms.

This rose bush came with the house which I think I have identified as a Papa Meilland which would make sense since the intro year for this rose was 1963.

A close up of the Arizona Grandiflora rose...

A closeup of my Chicago Peace Rose which also was one of the three rose bushes that came with the house.

My deliphiniums are finally blooming and are offering a nice pop of color near my pond.

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