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Monday, June 27, 2011

Project 365: June 20th through June 26th

June 20th: The state of things - here is my work done on the sod by hand. The three pavers went bye bye on Craigslist pretty fast thankfully.

June 21st: Patrick making us BBQ - yum!

June 22nd: Lantern project which is currently still sitting on the table waiting for me to hang them. I picked up the lanterns for cheap at Ikea and the chain for cheap at Home Depot - the idea is to hang them from our cedar trees above our exterior dining table.

June 23rd: Goodbye horses...we drove to Gresham right after work to collect horse manure compost for free we found on Craigslist. The compost was, of course, on a horse farm.

June 23rd: The drive home was gorgeous...

June 24th: The Rheinlander - waiting for our table, I formed a love affair with this light fixture.

June 25th: We dropped in on Arthur and Angelique and on our way home we stopped for Riyadh's - the antique shop next door had this lovely thing.

June 26th: The new state of things...all the sod has been removed and to the left is the large pile of fill dirt and horse manure compost. Behind that is my first plantings which were actually transplants from the small flower bed I was maintaining. Patrick finished a good 1/3 of the tilling today while I finished removing most of the sod sections we could not reach with the sod cutter. I still have the side of the house - a small patch of it anyway and also another section down front. I also have finished manually cutting the sod into a neat pattern though.

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