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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Project 365: June 13th through June 19th

June 13th: My beloved skates...which I sold to the Vancouver roller derby so they can live on. I have not skated in like two years so seriously, the things needed a good proper home.

June 14th: Garden path as everything finally starts blooming.

June 15th: I had to work my hotline shift during our annual volunteer appreciation dinner this year but our super sweet boss Christine brought us all in dinner from Ernesto's and "party favors" which were perfect for this gardener!

June 16th: The lawn...before...since I am tearing a large portion of it out to make way for a walking path and growing things.

June 17th: Excitement as our Evil Dead the Musical tickets arrived today...super exciting though we have to wait till November...gah! And yes, we are aware there is a production in Portland - which falls the same weekend that we are out of town with other plans.

June 18th: Blooming of the buttercups... When we went to the coast for my birthday last year we stayed in a beach house which had some wild ornamental grasses, buttercups and ferns I snagged some of. The only thing which did not take (and I will - of yes I will get replacements for) were the horsetails but everything else lived very well and now the buttercups are blooming.

June 19th: Daisies...shasta daisies and I have no idea where they came from since, to be honest - I do not remember planting them! But they came up out of no where this year with foxglove - both of which did not come up last year. Strange things are always afoot in the garden.

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