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Monday, March 19, 2012

Project 365: March 12th through March 18th

March 12th: Dinner at Richard Keck's and he made us tasty appetizers too!

March 13th: Flower delivery one from the first day at my new job thanks to Melissa and Mathias. Beautiful African violets.

March 14th: My poor car woke up with snow on it...

March 15th: The second round of flower deliveries to my desk to start my first work week off from Patrick.

March 16th: Jello shots with the girls for Beth's birthday thanks to Ms Amber - also joining in the shot round was Heather & Tracy.

March 17th: Two of my favorite husband and my BFF from college who is one hell of a tattoo artist, bartender (this bar is Del's creation in their home btw - site of an evening filled with Irish carbombs), and is hysterical when plowed. We happily drove to Yacolt to visit some of our favorite people to celebrate Del and Patti's birthdays.

March 18th: I spent the day weeding even through a rain storm and three hail storms. I did get a large amount of the front yard finished though so if you look to the far right of the photo I was able to get the weeding done all the way past the little stone path to the faucet.

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