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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Project 365: November 28th through December 4th

November 28th: Running to Lloyd Center to get stuff for the costume contest Saturday.

November 28th: And another stop by John's Market where Patrick quickly discovers they have just about every beer on the planet.

November 29th: And finishing up the costume contest bags...

November 29th: Grabbing My Favorite Muffin for Lunch to do to bring to meet up with Ms Heidi

November 30th: The hallway of the building the hotline is in waiting for the elevator.

December 1st: KRAMPUS! Isn't he adorable?! I met Arun for dinner at Chez Machin forsome French cuisine and talk about both our events.

December 2nd: Finishing up posters for the event...

December 3rd: A very poor and dark camera phone shot of the Krampus costume designed by Sean and Shashonna -I seriously nearly cried when I saw the was THAT good.

December 4th: FRAMED! I picked up the art work for Patrick on the left like two years ago at the Halloween Bazaar and a year before that a coworker gifted him the lovely watercolor. I gave Patrick frames a few months ago which were perfect...except neither had mats but I FINALLY grabbed some on super sale at Fred Meyer so I got them both for like $5 total which is just amazing!

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