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Monday, December 12, 2011

Project 365: December 5th through December 11th

December 5th: Early morning fog in Beaverton.

December 6th: The Hawthorne Bridge on a clear cold morning...

December 7th: My new camera arrived finally thanks to Cyber Monday purchasing. Macha helps me set in up and gives me my first photo op.

December 8th: A frozen afternoon in the garden...

December 9th: I was given a plaque for doing over 300 hours at the hotline during the Christmas party.

December 10th: Brandt's 40th Birthday party at his brother's gorgeous home.

December 10th: A cute gent outside Crush called me I rewarded him by bending him over a pole to get good lighting so I could take a camera phone pic of his jacket. He totally cooperated which is good because his jacket ruled.

December 11th: The annual goat party at Melissa and Mathias' home which we always look forward to.

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