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Monday, September 20, 2010

Project 365: September 13th through September 19th

September 13th: The wait for the bus on the way home...and I find an empty bottle of cough syrup and a Taco Bell sauce packet...but what does it mean?

September 14th: A gift and some art. Hanging out with Travis to purchase his beautiful art work and Kelly gave me a bottle to try.

September 15th: Signs of autumn - the first tree in Beaverton...

September 16th: The wait for my morning Max train...

September 17th: Queen of the Sun world premier!

September 17th: Portland Mayor Sam Adams talks about his own bee hive and the importance of the film which was so great!

September 18th: A $2000 ribbon which was removed from Yuki's stomach.

September 19th: My beautiful garden...

September 19th: Julie's new foster kittens which are 2 1/2 weeks cute!

September 19th: When newborns attack!

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