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Friday, September 24, 2010


As a gardener one of my favorite places is probably Farmington Gardens. It is a really great nursery filled with plants I do not see other places. Everything is always so healthy and their arrangements throughout the walk through are inspiring, to say the least.

So it brings me no real surprize I felt a twinge of creativity surge through me when I saw this little greenhouse. I have been wanting each year to start seedlings early and rely a lot more on seeds rather than buying expensive plants. Seeds are much more cost effective and I would feel better as a gardener as well. But I lack the interior space. I have a house with four cats who get into everything and I can guarantee no plant survival. Plus, lets face it - piles of little peat pots are just not attractive. I have a garage with no windows also. This little greenhouse would be perfect! Correction, me building a little green house would be perfect. Just some shelving for my little plant starts. Whenever I have thought of greenhouses, I have always pictured the giant ones - or even the smaller ones that are still good size taking up half the yard and usually looking like an eye sore. I would never have thought one could be this cute. And honestly, when I first spotted it I said to my husband, "wow, you could fit like one plant in that which seems rather silly."

I even have a featured place in my yard I think would be perfect for it if we built it out of cedar and made it cute. It would also be a perfect way to add in a composting bin and make it attractive as well. I am not certain when I will have the time and money for this project but the ideas for it are flooding in which is exciting. First project up though is to rebuild out chicken coop and pen and relocate that.

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